Make Trouble Films is an independent film production company based in
Melbourne committed to making films with broad international appeal. 


MAKE TROUBLE FILMS was founded by Mia'kate Russell in 2011. 

The companies first film AUDITIONING FANNY (a self funded musical black comedy) was completed in late 2012.  Fanny showed in festivals worldwide and won multiple awards, including Best Short Film, Best Musical & Best Actor.

SWALLOW (a gay, western werewolf tale) was Make Troubles follow up short. With 95% of the Auditioning Fanny cast & crew, it was shot over four days in Victoria, and had it’s 2013 World Premiere at Sitges in Spain. The film received nominations for Best Film, Best Director & Best Screenplay.

Mia'kate's third film DEATH BY MUFF was for for the ABC's of Death 2 film competition. The film was successful and won it's place in the Top 12 DVD ABC's of Death 1.5, to be released mid 2015.


Mia'Kate Russell


Mia'kate has over fifteen years experience working behind the camera, predominantly as a Make-up and Special Effect artist, which has given her a broad understanding of the film and television industry.

With a love of all things horror, she has happily splashed her blood and guts around such films as 'Zombieworld' (2015), 'Pawno" (2015), 'Crawlspace' (2012), 'Red Hill' (2010) and most recently, The Cairns Brothers, 'Scare Campaign' (2015).

The personal and professional relationships she has formed over the years have helped her to develop a strong network of collaborators.